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What is your talkbox story?

I started composing music at age of 9 and got into beat making & DJng around 1998. I got interested about DJng & the hip hop culture in general thru bboying, which I tried first on 1995. Talkbox I heard first in the songs like 'More Bounce to Ounce' & 2pac's 'California Love'. So meeting the talkbox for pretty classic for me.

Olli on the Talkbox

I loved the sound of the songs but I didn't know what the talkbox was actually. So when I saw live footage of Roger & Zapp and also Fingazz I ordered Rocktron Banshee Talkbox instantly. I chose Rocktron because it was so easy to start with. You didn't need any additional amps with it and the sound is relatively good.

The talkbox system

Like I said, the first talkbox I had was Rocktron Banshee. However, when I first got it, I didn't have had any clue how hard it is. Firstly, the sound I got from my Korg Triton wasn't satisfactory enough at all and secondly, the pronouncing was mad hard. After that it took me several years to slowly get a little better.

Right now I use Yamaha DX-100 for the synth, Monacor speaker and a 1823M Complete Bundle from GF works. I often use Crate Powerblock amp which is pretty good portable choice and commonly used among talkboxers. Thanks to Funkmaster Ozone for that tip!

Generally I would like to courage people to try many different systems. It's pretty interesting to experiment with sounds. For example in the song "Precious Thing" I used 3-4 different talkbox setups. Also apart the talkbox I think my tracks have very different sound worlds and even different genres from each other. I feel it's both weakness & strength at the same time but it's fun to create.

Olli's Talkbox System

The Talkbox System:

  • Keyboard: DX100
  • Compression Drivers: GF WORKS 1823M Complete Bundle and Monacor
  • Power Amp: Crate Power Block
  • Tube holder: GF WORKS Tube holder

What are your opinions on the GF WORKS 1823M Complete Bundle ?

I was testing the 1823M bundle and recording a new song with it! GF WORKS 1823M Complete Bundle is the easiest way for the clean & classic Roger Troutman sound! Just plug & play! Recommended!


I record, mix & put everything together in Pro Tools. Depending of the feeling and inspiration I use whatever instruments & sounds there is on the hands. Sometimes I use only one software synth for the whole song and sometimes I want to play everything with real instruments. I use MPC2000xl for my drums since I'm used to it. I've always had the interest to record my own sounds but I also had a sample heavy era in early 2000 which got me into MPC style of beat making. Nowadays I don't use samples too much tho - I kind of respect my work more when I know that all the sounds and melodies in the track are originally made by me.

Olli's Studio

Actually I have used Talkbox quite rarely in my songs. That's because my 'Boogaloo Danger' music was firstly aimed for the Poppers and the songs didn't necessary need any words (in most cases, the DJs in the battles prefer to spin instrumentals anyway). Nowadays I use talkbox on the production quite much. Plus it's a lot more fun when you can perform your songs live with talkbox.

What do you think of GF WORKS web site?

GF Works website is professionally designed website which have a lot of information that anyone interested about talkbox can use! 1st place to go look for information about talkbox for sure. It's a pleasure to read.

Latest Activities

I released a new album - the third chapter of the trilogy.
Then I'm anxious about talkbox live shows thats coming up!

I've also been busy with founding a new dance school in Helsinki called 'Saiffa - Flow Mo Dance School'. I'm very happy about the school - I feel like finally we have responsible and professional dance teaching with an attitude in Finland.

About Olli :
Olli aka Bboy "Mercy-1" of Flow Mo Crew from Finland. DJ, Producer, Talkboxer, Bboy and C.E.O of Saiffa - Flow Mo Dance School.
Web site
Photo : Jussi Sirvio and Kiia Beilinson

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