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Kind of Talkbox

Many manufacturers released many different talkbox products until today, and surely there are talkboxes that you can buy today. It has also been 30 years since the very first talkbox was released, but the fundamentals behind talkboxes back then and talkboxes today are the same. If new products are to be released, I could only think of something with a 100W digital power amplifier.

I have tried out many talkboxes and found out that even with the same synthesizer, the choice of the talkbox could affect the sound quite a bit. It is fair to say that Talkbox = a speaker, so it is pretty amazing how much a simple speaker affects the sound. I especially liked the Golden Throat series, for its broad range from lows to the highs and having true resemblance of the original sound. Here, I would like to explain 4 major talkbox products.

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