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Greg Jackson's composition for the debut album

Since I was imitating Roger at first, my stage costume used to be the yellow helmet and the sailor suit. And was the lucky charm what brought Greg Jackson and I together. One day, I wore the costume to ZAPP's Japan tour and when I showed the yellow helm to Greg, and he decided to wear it on stage. Because we had a short discussion about how I was a musician covering ZAPP, he came to my website and commented on my YouTube video saying he's found the yellow helm chick. He later offered if I wanted to come join them at their concert in Ohio.

A Session with Greg Jackson

I accepted the offer in an instance and we all had an amazing concert in Kentucky. Greg then offered to write the tune, "Dance and get your funky on" for my debut album.

Becoming a Bootsy Girl

Serjiho Muto and I had a radio show on Asakusa FM called the Asakusa Funky Broadway. For the New Year's show following the massive March 2011 earthquake in Northern Japan, I requested Bootsy Collins for a message of encouragement to the listeners. He soon wrote back with 4 pages worth of powerful words to the people in Japan. And this was how I got to know Bootsy Collins.

Becoming a Bootsy Girl

One day, he suddenly told me that he had appointed me as the Japanese Bootsy Girl and had already sent me the Bootsy Star which I were to take my artist photo with. In return, he offered to write a message for my debut album. During his Japan tour, he also spotted me with the yellow helmet and I eventually got to know the other members of the Bootsy family.

The yellow helmet

I took my chances when I asked him to take part in the production of my second album. I didn't hear back from him but we had to go on with the production schedule. But on the last day of the recording, I received an e-mail from Bootsy with an attachment containing loads of files of him introducing Woddy Funk. We changed plans immediately and created the tune "SOULJAH."

The yellow helmet I adopted from Roger has truly been a lucky charm that gave me a chance to work with Greg and Bootsy.

About Woddy Funk:
Woddy Funk is one of the few female talkboxers in the world. Through an offer from ZAPP's Greg Jackson, Woddy Funk makes a huge impact to the funk community in the US at the concert in Kentucky. She released her debut album "What's My Name?" containing a tune, also written by Greg Jackson, and a liner note praising her music by Bootsy Collins. In January 2013, she released her second album "SOULJAH" containing voice samples from Bootsy Collins. Her recent release party at Motion Blue Yokohama was also a huge success.
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Photographs: Serjiho Muto and GF WORKS

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